Alexander Bakos

The Ohio State one and done came into the league renowned for his perimeter scoring ability and his passing ability, yet he never was given a true opportunity at the Lakers. He had made the transition to PG only when he entered college, and in his first year in the NBA, his duties really only consisted of giving the ball to Kobe on his farewell tour in a hopeless season where the lakers lacked any significant talent, especially in the frontcourt. Things for Russell worsened even more after he accidentally gained the reputation of being a snitch after accidentally exposing Nick Young’s adultery. Furthermore, tension between russell and the lakers organization increased as Russell expressed frustration with the Lakers’ desire to pick Lonzo Ball. As a result of the culmination of his underwhelming performance, attitude problems, and scandals, the number 2 draft pick was unsurprisingly dealt to the Brooklyn Nets.

Many consider the foreseeable future of the Brooklyn Nets to be hopeless. Without draft picks and any real franchise centerpieces, people project them to have one of the worst records in the league for the next few years. D’Angelo Russell is proving people wrong. Finally given the free reins to an offense, D’Angelo is thriving, putting up the numbers the Lakers expected from him. Through 4 games, the Nets are 2-2, and D’Angelo is averaging 23.5 points, 5.5 assists, and 4.5 boards. He’s flashed the passing ability we all saw in college, with highlight passes through the legs of defenders. He’s been more consistent from the perimeter. He’s been better defensively. Russell is finally showing up as the player we all thought he could be. All it took was a change of scenery. He shapes up to lead the Nets team this season as they continue to surprise more and more people.